Monday, July 23, 2012

Elephants and tourists in Thailand.

My colleague and friend at Ecostorm with who I have worked on undercover investigations in the past, shared the results of the agency's most recent investigation: The Thailand elephant tourist trade. It is shocking and heartbreaking to watch but it must be seen. It is especially important that tourists(ahem U.S. and European citizens)see this as they are the unsuspecting facilitators of this misery that threatens the survival of the very animal they flock to see and profess to love. I wish I could say that I am surprised by the investigation findings. Questions about this industry have been raised for along time. In fact a few years ago when You Tube videos of "painting elephants" started circulating on the internet, I took a closer look and wrote a blog about it "Why elephants Paint" The concerns raised in the blog are verified in gruesome detail by Ecostorm's investigation. Tourists have created this tragedy and tourists can stop it. You can find out more by visiting the organization that commissioned the investigation, The Elephant Family

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